Stack Exchange celebrates the vitality and multidimensional community of the Lower East Side by referencing historical building tradition and urban context, integrating with transportation infrastructure, and advancing mass timber construction. By stacking housing similar to the lumber drying process, voids are created to allow for daylight, ventilation, and private and semiprivate amenity spaces. By connecting to the Williamsburg Bridge, Delancey Underground, and the subway, neighborhood residents and visitors from other boroughs are encouraged to engage with the site, Essex Street Market, and Andy Warhol Museum. Massing is comprised of stacked bars with voids between. Areas of double- and triple- height spaces contain the public program on ground floor. The expanded Essex Street Market is located on the western block where flexible market stalls are surrounded by permanent vendors. Half of the market is unconditioned and serves as a through block connection to the pedestrian-oriented Norfolk Street. The Andy Warhol Museum is on the eastern block and connects to the subway through a public gallery.

Competition Boards  /  ACSA Timber in the City

Concept Sketch 01  /  Stacked Lumber

Concept Sketch 02  /  Andy Warhol Museum Connection to the Delancey Metro Station

Concept Sketch 03  /  Interior Courtyard and Shared Spaces


Rendering 01  /  Corner of Delancey and Essex Street, Lower East Side Manhattan

Concept Diagram  /  Tenement Housing to Stacked Lumber

Site Aerial  /  Williamsburg Bridge, Lower East Side Manhattan

Section Perspective  /  Metro Connection and Andy Warhol Museum 

Building Layout Diagrams  /  Unit Layouts  and Shared Spaces

Unit Plans  01  /  Multi-Bedroom Units

Unit Plans 02  /  Micro Units


Rendering 02/  Common Space and Daycare


Rending 03/  Common Rooftop and Urban Agriculture


Structural Concept Sketch 01  /   CLT Box Beam Assembly

Structural Concept Sketch 02  /  CLT Spline Studies

Assembly Diagrams  /  Occupiable CLT Boxbeams


Rendering 04  /  Essex Street Market