Undergraduate Studio

Abandoned infill lot on the historic Ballard Way. This project focused on a case study of a chosen photographer, Cindy Sherman. The intent was to explore her work and work methods to inform the design of a photographer's studio. Cindy Sherman is often the subject of her own work, the concept for this design was to make the photographer's studio space the work on display itself.


Infill Site  /  Ballard Ave


                               Precedent Study  /  Photographer, Cindy Sherman


                               Concept Diagram  /  Focal Lens


                               Study Models  /  Introspective Form


Finish Model/  A Framed Photographer's Studio


Section 01  /  Gallery Left, Photographers Studio Right, Living Above, Dark Room Below                                                                                        Section 02  /  Gallery Above, Dark Room Below, Studio Beyond


Elevation  /  Ballard Avenue


Model Photo  01  /  Exterior Stair and Existing Exposed Brick Wall

Model Photo  02  /  Interior Fold and Circulation


Rendering 02  /  Photography Studio Looking Back at Gallery

Rendering 03  /  Exterior Courtyard Facing Photographer's Studio