Graduate Studio
ACSA Competition

2015 ACSA Steel Competition Honorable Mention         
AIA Regional Student Citation Award            

A maritime library and memorial, imagined as a physical interpretation of the internet search bar. The building is centered around an open wall of objects relating to ship building. The library is comprised of materials, drawings, and trade techniques including hull shapes, small craft molds, marine hardware and sail types and patterns. The repository is intended to facilitate innovation and preservation of the craft of boat building in the region. The site is located in Ballard, Seattle

Rendering  01  /  From Ship Canal


Rendering  02  /  Entry


Site Analysis  /  24th Ave NW Public Dock, Ballard

Precedent Studies  /  Maritime Craft, Bienecke Library, NDSM Shipyard Amsterdamn

Conceptual Sketch  /  Search Bar


Context Map  /  Ship Canal, Ballard WA

Concept Diagram  /  Archival Wall


Plan  /  Ground Floor


Section  /  Entry,  Archival,  Reflect


Tectonic Section  /  Custom Steel Butler Frame

Tectonic Section Model  / Looking N


Tectonic Section Model  / Looking NE


Tectonic Section Model  / Looking E


Tectonic Section Model  / Looking S


Rendering 03  /  Archival Wall

Section Model  /  Interior


Rendering 04  /  Memorial Space